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The Most Trusted Online Learning Platform of Bangladesh.

Tanvir Rahaman is one of the leading and officially certified Microsoft Office Trainers in Bangladesh. After serving the marketing and sales sector successfully for 12 years, he decided to serve as a full-fledged Excel, PowerPoint and Word trainer in 2020.

Currently, his ‘Tanvir Academy’ is the trusted institution for Learning Microsoft Office Packages. The Facebook page of Tanvir Academy has gained 163k+ followers, and the YouTube channel has an enormous 578K+ subscribers.

Tanvir Rahman is a dedicated trainer who is self-motivated and energetic. He has solid experience in extensive knowledge of developing, implementing, and assessing training courses efficiently. He also specializes in analyzing customer training needs and developing training programs according to the customer’s requirements. His students and trainees also get personal coaching for motivation and career guideline support. He has earned 12+ official Microsoft Certifications and counting. He has been working as a trusted training partner for many companies, organizations, and institutes and also looking forward to working with your organization.

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